We ignite
the true value
of survey data

We ignite the true value of survey data

Explore and discover valuable insights effortlessly through the powerful interface of IGNITY.

Let customers explore from every angle

Out of the box interactive views to see results for any breakdown, data subset or date range. Easy to integrate in your own site, portal or web application.

Ignity is great for:

Ignity trend view


Present (survey) results in meaningful maps, graphs and overviews.

Survey data … and more!

Ignity is a powerful solution to present survey results and to visualize operational data. Find out when Ignity can add power to the presentation of your data.

Ignity NPS in listview
Ignity example metrics


Ignity supports a selection of metric types to capture (survey) results and transform research or process data into meaningful figures.

Qualitative feedback

Comments and remarks are valuable, but hard to integrate in dashboards. With Ignity you can. Access and search comments for specific results, breakdowns or date ranges.

Your company logo

Make it yours!

Your data, your targets, your logo. And provide access to dashboards via your own sites, portals or web applications. Integration the easy way.


Look at some example dashboards to see how easy it is to navigate the data.

Ignity map overview
Agency account after login to the backend

Agency account

Apply for an ‘agency account’ if you want to use Ignity for your customers. Create separate spaces with your branding and the customers logo. Ideal for companies that want to turn data into added value for customers.

Getting started

Creating dashboards via Ignity is easy. Connect to a database with results and define metrics and characteristics. That’s it!

Follow this step by step plan to get going.

Getting started


Questions? Go to the FAQ or to start a chat with one of our agents by clicking the chat icon at the bottom of the page.