Agency account

Use Ignity dashboards for your customers

Ignity is available in a special version for you to serve multiple customers. This ‘agency account’ works exactly like a regular account, but has extra functionality to create different customers and manage their dashboards in a separate ‘space’.

With a ‘regular’ account dashboards have an Ignity logo in the top right corner. In an agency account this is replaced with your agency name and a link to your website. Per customer you can define a logo. Ultimately customers see their own logo and your name and NO reference to Ignity.

Publishing dashboards
There are 2 ways of giving access to a dashboard: 1) create an account for a person, or 2) publish a dashboard via your own (restricted) portal. If you give access via a personal account, people need to visit the website and login to see the dashboard(s). If you want to mask Ignity altogether, you can publish the dashboard via your own portal or application.

In Ignity you can download an HTML/PHP file. By publishing this file on your portal website, you can give access to the dashboard via your own URL. Our servers check the API key in the file and your URL to check if the request is made from the right location to prevent unauthorized access.

Agency account after login to the backend.
Agency account after login to the backend. Here you can add, edit and delete customers.

Separate customer cloud databases
With an agency account you can create separate environments for individual customers. For every customer a cloud results database is created. You can access all your customer databases with a single agency database account and password. But of course you can also connect to your own databases and tables with data.

Pricing and invoicing
An agency account costs € 249,- per month. Included are 10 active dashboards. Extra active dashboard are billed at an additional € 39,- per 5 dashboards per month. To calculate the number of dashboards for billing purposes, all active dashboards for all your customers are aggregated. More pricing details can be found on the pricing page.

How to get an agency account?
To get an agency account, first register for a regular paid account. During this registration we can verify your payment method.

Once you have a regular paid account, you can contact us to set up an agency account. What we need is the following information:

  • Organisation name
  • Display name (shown in dashboards, maximum 25 characters)
  • Internet site
  • Your support email address

We will setup your agency account and move your regular account ‘under’ your agency account. You can login with your existing credentials (your account has changed into an ‘agency admin’).

If you login with an agency account, the interfaces to define dashboards are exactly the same. The only difference is that after login there is an overview with all your customers. Here you can select a customer and click next to create dashboards. Or you can can add or delete customers.

Look at our FAQ or contact us via the chat button in the bottom right corner.