Business Services

Add value for your customers

As a business services provider you have lots of data you can turn into valuable insights for your customers. With Ignity you can visualize this data and easily integrate interactive dashboards into your existing portals and applications.

Think of customer related data like handled requests, services delivered, evaluations of closed tickets etc, etc. You can create metrics based on this operational data and combine different metrics into one interactive overview and add an extra dimension to your services.

Impressive interactivity
Data can be looked at from all angles via interactive dashboards. World maps and trend lines for any any breakdown, data subset or date range. Customers can ‘work’ from the highest level overview down to any individual record. Easy to navigate for any customer.

Easy to set up
Ignity is SaaS (Software as a Service) with an easy interface to setup dashboards. Just connect to your data, define metrics and characteristics. That’s about it.

Integrate in your own site, portal or web application
There is a white label version (‘agency account’) where you brand the dashboards with your company name and the customer logo. You can publish dashboards via your existing sites, portals or applications via an API key.

Ignity map overview
Ignity can display (survey) scores on a world map

You can find out more about an Ignity agency account via the link below.