Define characteristics

In this tab you specify the characteristics of the dataset(s) you present in the dashboard. Characteristics are values that say something about the record. For example: we can have the value country, or gender or type of customer for a (survey) record. Country, gender or customer type are characteristics.

If you define a characteristic in Ignity, you break down results into specific values. In the above example, you can see the results for different countries and customer types.

There are 4 default characteristics specified: country, date submitted, city and site. You can decide yourself (later in the process) if you want to use them.

Next to this you can specify your own custom characteristics. To do this, press the button ‘+ Add characteristic’ and:

  1. Define a name
  2. Select an attribute type (text, date or a number)
  3. Choose one of the categories in which characteristics are organised.
  4. Indicate if you can select and break down results based on this characteristic (check ‘data filter’) and/or if this characteristic should be included in the details of a individual record (check ‘evaluations’)
  5. Once you press the button ‘Save changes’ the attribute is stored and can be seen in the overview
Create a characteristic
Interface to define a characteristic

Attributes are organized in categories. Default there are 4 categories of attributes: Geography, Organization, Personal and Other. You can rename these categories and add new categories. The maximum number of categories is 9.

To edit the categories, click on the button Edit Categories. Here you can:

  • Rename categories (button Edit)
  • Create new categories (button Add new category)
  • Remove categories (button Remove)
  • Rearrange the order or categories. You can drag and drop the categories. This order is reflected in the front end
Create catetories
Create custom categories to organise characteristics