Customer satisfaction

Bring customer satisfaction to life

Do you get the most out of your customer satisfaction data? To get the maximum value you should empower the right employees to access and explore this data. And this data should include all the specifics and even comments to open questions.

With Ignity you can explore customer satisfaction data via interactive dashboards. An intuitive interface makes the results accessible for the right employees. And not only the tech savvy. With Ignity you can visualize all possible types of satisfaction data and open answers can be explored in the dashboards too.

Ignity map overview
Ignity can display (survey) scores on a world map

Get the attention for customer satisfaction

With Ignity you give customer satisfaction a prominent face and raise awareness. You can can access the latest data, discover trends and see the impact of improvements on customer perception. You can combine customer satisfaction with other customer metrics to get a complete overview from one single dashboard.

Ignity is an easy to deploy SaaS solution. You can give relevant employees easy access to the interactive dashboards to analyse trends. Or publish the dashboards on your own intranet or portal.

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