Data visualization

Visualize data the interactive way

Visualizing data is helpful in truly understanding data. People are visually oriented and if differences over time or between groups are visually presented, they can interpret the data much better. This way if there is a ‘story’ in the data, it is much easier to find.

Data visualisation is for a large part about showing differences. Showing differences between different groups and between different periods (trends). To get the maximum out of data visualization, these should not be ‘fixed’, but interactive. You should enable a user to select different characteristics themselves, select different time frames and make sub sections of the data. This interactive freedom gives end users the opportunity to find the story in the data, even when it is not obvious at first sight.

Ignity trend view
Ignity trend view: see trends for all characteristics

Ignity is all about visualizing survey results. But not only survey results can be visualized also other types of data. The key concept in Ignity is to define metrics. These are usual averages and average percentages, but can also be totals like sum or record counts.

If you can define your data in terms of these metrics, Ignity is a very powerful interactive analysis environment, especially for non technical users. You can visualize your data from different angles: a) an overview of all metrics, b) breakdown of metrics by characteristics c) see metrics on a world map and d) see the trends over time. You can look at subsections of the data and even look at individual records.

With a very limited effort you can visualize data and create an ideal analysis environment.

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