Employee satisfaction

Unleash the true power of employee feedback

Employee feedback can tell you a lot about your organisation and what to improve. But in many organisations it is a routine periodical exercise that doesn’t do justice to the time and effort employees take to fill out the surveys.

Turn employee satisfaction into a source of information to improve policies and measure their impact. With Ignity you can capture all employee feedback including all given comments into one dashboard and share this dashboard with important stakeholders.

Ignity map overview
Ignity can display (survey) scores on a world map

Look at the results from every possible angle. Break down results on organisational or personal characteristics to see differences between various groups. And see results on a world map where for different countries and even sites. And if you measure employee satisfaction continuously, you can see trends over time.

As a SaaS solution it is easy to start using Ignity right away. You can ‘publish’ the dashboards in any portal or intranet site. So the right people can access the results without going to a separate site.

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