Response dashboard

Example Response Dashboard

A simple example where we report on invitations, responses and response percentages. It particularly shows the versatility of Ignity metrics.

In this example we build a dashboard to keep track of invitations and responses for a continuous survey. In Ignity we defined metrics for 1) the number of sent invitations, 2) the number of survey responses and 3) the response percentage.

The country of the individual is registered, so all metrics can be plotted on a map. Furthermore you can breakdown the metrics and see the trends over time for any other available characteristic in the dataset.

The versatility of Ignity metrics is demonstrated by the fact that all three metrics are based on the same column of data, where the value 0 stands for invited and the value 1 for responded. The 3 metrics are defined as following:

  1. Number of invitations: record count
  2. Number of responses: record count where value is 1
  3. Response percentage: percentage rule where value is 1

‘Record count’ and ‘Percentage rule’, are Ignity metric types.