Extended support

Extended Ignity support

For companies that want help using Ignity we have the ‘extended support’ service. This subscription service is available both for Ignity regular accounts and agency accounts.

What: The extended support covers:

  • Advice on setting up dashboards *
  • Advice on setting up data sources *
  • Support via telephone or skype
  • Data processing agreement (optional)

When: we can advise you on the different possibilities to capture data in metrics and the way to setup/change data sources so they can be (efficiently) used as Ignity metrics. Also if you require a data processing agreement to meet legal demands of your customers this service is a good option.

Advice topics– the advice covers 1) the way to setup or convert data sources so they can be effectively used for Ignity dashboards, 2) specific settings for metrics, 3) organizing characteristics, 4) the best metric types in specific situations 5) publishing dashboards and 6) review of datasets to define a good setup (metrics/characteristics) for a dashboard.

* The advice is free of charge for 3 hours per calendar month. Extra hours are charged at € 125,- per hour.

Fee: the fee for the extended support is € 249,- per month.

Minimum subscription period: the minimum subscription period is three months. After that you can terminate this subscription. And add it again later at any time. An exception is when you terminate your Ignity account. In that case you can terminate the extended support subscription at any time, even if the activation period is shorter than 3 months.

How to activate: You can request this subscription with Ignity support if you have a paid account. Use the chat button in the bottom right corner when logged in on the Ignity site. This way we have your relevant account details at hand. We will activate this subscription and it will be charged on your next invoice together with the charges for your account.