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World map and country overview

Plot results on a world map including target colors. You can even define City or Site clusters, which will show all different city/site scores for a specific country when zooming in.

Ignity map overview
Ignity trend view

Trend view

Plot metrics for every possible breakdown in trend lines over time. Just select the breakdown characteristic and which values to display. You can adjust the time interval (day, week, month quarter, year) to report on.

Break down view

Break down metrics using any of the available attributes in your data. Select the attribute (for example customer group, gender or age) and see the scores for the selected attribute values.

Score box in 2 views

Different angles: smart views

Easily switch from high level results to individual records with instant smart views.

Qualitative feedback

Comments and remarks are valuable, but hard to integrate in dashboards. With Ignity you can. Access and search comments for specific results, breakdowns or date ranges.

More Ignity features

See more relevant features that make building dashboards a breeze and analyzing data much more effective.