Management dashboard

An interactive dashboard for exploring trends

Management dashboards are dashboards that enable management to keep track of key figures. And especially to see trends over time to see if there is improvement.

What makes a good management dashboard? It should be user friendly, it should allow non-technical staff to make their own analysis. And it should provide a possibility to zoom in on specific developments or issues.

Ignity map overview
Ignity can display (survey) scores on a world map

Ignity is developed with non-technical users in mind. It allows them to see the overview and to break down the results on every relevant characteristic. This makes it easy to see metrics from all angles and to see the trends for different groups. And on top of that, Ignity can combine metrics with text values (like comments). Wherever there is a remarkable or unexpected trend, you can look and search in the texts associated with this result.

With Ignity you can create management dashboards where you can combine hard data (facts) and soft data (attitudes and opinions) into dashboards. You can combine metrics from multiple sources into a single dashboard. And these dashboards can be broken down into any characteristic. This way you can get a total view of performance per country, market, customer group or any other relevant breakdown.

You can combine data from different sources into one dashboard to create one view. And with breakdowns you can see this view for different groups and compare the results against a target or the overall average. Ideal to get a total view for specific groups, values, countries etc.

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