Metrics dashboard

An interactive approach to stay on top of your metrics

An effective way to stay on top of your company’s performance is by creating an interactive business dashboard with your key business metrics. Different departments need to keep an eye on different metrics, so what the right business dashboard is will vary from department to department, and from company to company.

With Ignity you can create metric dashboards where you can combine hard data (facts) and soft data (attitudes and opinions) into dashboards. You can combine metrics from multiple sources into a single dashboard. And these dashboards can be broken down into any characteristic. This way you can get a total view of performance per country, market, customer group or any other relevant breakdown.

Ignity example metrics
Ignity example metrics

The only thing to keep in mind is that Ignity works with record data and not aggregated data. This means that metrics are calculated based on individual records. For example: if you have customer satisfaction data you need the records per customer. Only like this we can calculate all values based on any breakdown you choose.

Ignity is ideal when your data also holds geographical information (like country or city) and/or is continuous. Results can be plotted on maps and trends over time can be shown.

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