Other features

Database or cloud

Connect to your own database. Or create backend tables in your dedicated cloud database. A MySQL compatible database (Aurora) hosted on Amazon AWS, known for its speed and reliability.


Combine results from different surveys and sources into ONE dashboard and provide a complete view. And break this view down for every relevant value like country or customer group.

‘Cascading’ metrics

Combine different scores into one overall score. The impact (weight) of of each score in the overall score can be customized. Both the individual scores and the overall score can be displayed in the different views.

Dynamic grouping

Different values of a characteristic can be grouped on the spot. Just select the values that need to be combined and give the combination a name. Now this combined value is calculated in the breakdown or trend view.

Plain data

Ignity works with plain data. No need to convert data with ‘star schemas’ or ‘normalize’ data. We work with the numbers, dates and string values in your data.

Select data subsets

Select any subset of the data. Click on a characteristic in the data filter menu and all the specific values are shown. Just check the values that should be included in your subset.

User management

Create users and individually assign dashboards. Simply enter their name and email address and they receive a link to set their password to login and get access to the dashboard(s).

Publish dashboards

Publish the dashboards on your own website or within your own portal. There is a white label version (agency account) where all references to Ignity are removed so employees only see your name and logo.


Connections to your own data are by default encrypted via SSL and passwords are stored encrypted. Nobody has access to your data, except you and the people who you register as users.

Download data

Calculated results can be downloaded as Excel or CSV file. And selected users can download ‘raw data’ files. An intelligent interface helps to select the right data, and to combine data from different data sources into one file.