Smart views

Navigate from high level results to individual evaluations

In Ignity dashboards you can click on a metric to launch a ‘smart view’ window. From this window you can navigate to different views with scores, frequencies, comments and even individual evaluations. Underneath an explanation on what can be found in the different views.

Where to launch

Click on a country in the map view, or on a specific break down value in the list view to launch the smart view pop-up.

Smart view scorecard
On the map click on any country to launch the pop-up view

View 1) Scorecard

In this view the average score is displayed as a number and a horizontal bar. If a target is assigned the color of the bar indicates if the target has been met. If a metric is calculated based on multiple values, the averages of all values are displayed as well.

View 2) Overview

In the ‘overview’ the scorecard is expanded to all metrics in the dashboard. Great to see the total picture for a country or a specific breakdown value.

Extra: in the left navigation panel you can select the option ‘average’ in the menu ‘target settings’. With this option all values are compared to the averages of the completed selected dataset. This makes it easy to see if results for specific values are better or worse than the average.

Smart view overview
Scorecard details: all results for this specific subset (in this case France)

View 3) Histogram

In the Histogram window the frequencies of all possible answers are displayed. With a mouse over you can see the total count (N value) for each answer. The color of the bars indicate if this value is below or above the specified target (or average) value.

Smart view histogram
Histogram: the frequencies per answer as a chart. On mouse over the N value is shown.

View 4) Record details

In the record  details you can see the individueal scores and highlighted characteristics. If comments are part of the records given comments you can also see (and search) them in this view.

Smart view record details
Record details: see individual scores (answers), characteristics and comments.

If you click on a particular record, you can see the details of this specific record . The score(s) the comments and all characteristics.

I the top right corner there is a ‘download data’ button where you can download the results, the comments and all characteristics as an Excel file.

Please note: the download data option and the details of a particular record are only visible to admins and ‘super users’ and NOT for ‘regular users’.