Survey dashboard

The perfect way to capture surveys in interactive dashboards

Survey results are hard to capture in a dashboard, let alone in an interactive dashboard. Business intelligence tools and dashboards are good in presenting numbers but not attitudes measured with surveys The main challenges are:

  • Metrics; how to calculate answers to questions in metrics
  • Presentation; how to present these metrics
  • Comments; how and where to show free text answers

Ignity is specifically designed to present and interactively explore survey results. There is a wide range of metrics to present all kinds of survey results: scale questions, multiple response, multiple choice questions, NPS style metrics etc etc.. You simply choose a metric and specify parameters like minimum, maximum value or answer options and they are ready to be displayed in a customer dashboard. Optionally you can define target values for each metric, so results can be displayed in colors indicating if they are above or below target.

Ignity map overview
Ignity can display (survey) scores on a world map

Default interactivity
Next to the metrics you specify the characteristics (of respondents) you have. Specify if end users are allowed to make a breakdown for each of the characteristics. If yes, you can break down all results into specific values of this characteristic, but also use this to select subsets of data. This allows you to look at the survey data from all possible angles.

World map and trend view
If your data set contains country values you can show the results on a world map. If you have city/site values, you can plot them within the countries by entering the coordinates in the backend. If the data is continuous, just assign the relevant date field and you can plot the metrics over time, including breakdowns.

You can find out more about Ignity via the following links: