Survey graph

Visualizing any survey result as a graph

Displaying survey results as a graph gives a good overview of differences in magnitude between different groups or between different periods. Graphs are intuitive and therefore a great tool to analyse or communicate results.

A simple, yet very effective way to compare categories is to use a (vertical) column bar graph. A second very effective graph is a line charts (or line graph). This is especially a powerful type to illustrate trends in data over a period of time.

Ignity graph
Display graphs for every metric for every breakdown

These two types of survey graphs are at the core of visualizing survey results in Ignity. All data (metrics) can be displayed in a trend view (seperate tab) where you can see data/results as a bar graph or a line chart. You can select:

  • any date range of results
  • any metric
  • a specific interval (week, month, quarter, year) for the x axis
  • the characteristic you want to use for a breakdown (optional)
  • the specific values of the characteristic you want to see compared

With these options you have a large degree of flexibility in creating the visualisation you need. By defining your surveys (or other datasets) in Ignity you generate dashboards where you can visualize any outcome in survey graphs.

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