Survey KPI

Your KPIs in good looking interactive dashboards

Key Performance Indicators are variables that measure an organization’s performance. Surveys can capture important ‘soft’ performance values like customer satisfaction. If you collect survey feedback on a continuous basis you can track how these soft performance KPI’s are developing over time.

in Ignity we use metrics. Metrics are specific calculations. For example the calculation of an average of the marks customers give your service. Or the percentage of respondents that are satisfied. Ignity metrics are a perfect match for soft survey KPI’s. Within Ignity you specify the appropriate calculation and Ignity automatically calculates the values.

Once specified all KPI’s can be displayed on a country map, broken down into any characteristic and displayed as a trend (also for every sub group). This allows you to see the organisation’s KPI’s from different angles and see the nuances ‘behind’ the KPI.

Ignity can easily combine different sources in one dashboard. So you can also add sources with ‘hard’ performance information like sales. This way you can show a complete picture in one dashboard.

Ignity is online software (SaaS), so once you have setup an account you can start creating dashboards that contain different KPI values. You can give other people access to the dashboards via dedicated accounts or by publishing the dashboards your own intranet site or web enabled application.

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