Survey map

Automatically map survey results to a geographical map

Plotting survey results on a geographical map is a good way to see differences in results between countries. And even differences between cities or sites within a particular county. The most informative way is to show different colors indicating if a target value is met or not. Or, alternatively, colors that show if scores are under or above the average results.

Ignity map overview
Ignity can display (survey) scores on a world map

Ignity is specifically designed to present and interactively explore survey results. And plotting survey results on a map is part of it. Simply indicate what columns in your data are country and city/site values. After this, In the backend you can assign countries to specific values (most of it is done automatically) and define longitude/latitude values for cities/sites. Now all your results can be displayed on a map, where you can zoom in per continent or zoom in on a country. If targets are set, countries and sites are colored.

Next to displaying survey results on a world map Ignity displays survey results in other ‘views’. All results can be seen as one overview, particular results can be displayed as trends over time or broken down into any characteristic. With a limited effort you can make you can visualize your survey data in different ways to analyze them from different angles.

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