Survey results

Present your surveys in good looking interactive dashboards

Survey results hold important information about opinions and attitudes. But the overall averages only tell a very limited part of the story. Numbers and averages inevitably change over time and there can be large differences among different groups.

The best way to analyse and explore survey results is a solution where you can:

  • See the results for different groups
  • Zoom in on any subset of the results
  • See trends over time
  • Look at comments and remarks
Ignity scorecard and evaluation window
Ignity scorecard and evaluation window

With regular tools and business intelligence solutions this is far from easy to accomplish. Ignity is specifically designed to present and interactively explore survey results. Dashboards are set up by connecting to tables with survey results and defining metrics, characteristics and comments.

After this results are displayed in scorecards, world maps, break down views and as trends over time. You can break down the results on any characteristic and zoom in comments for any given. The interactive interface allows you to easily explore the data from many different angles.

Ignity is online software (SaaS), so you can go right ahead defining dashboards that contain all your survey results and give other people access via dedicated accounts of via publishing the dashboards via your own portals.

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