Survey trend

Show every survey result as a trend

Survey trends show you how results are changing over time. They help to understand how perceptions are developing. If you collect results on a continuous basis, or at frequent intervals it is important that you can analyse survey trends.

It is important to see the ‘overall’ trend over time. This means the trend for all results. But that is not the complete story. To see ‘beyond’ the surface you need to be able to see trends for specific groups. Perceptions can widely vary between different (customer) groups. Being able to make breakdowns on every characteristic in the data available, is a good way to understanding your audience.

Ignity trend view
Ignity trend view: see trends for all characteristics

Ignity is specifically designed to present and interactively explore survey results. And trends are an integrated part of it. If the dataset contains a date, you can display trends in the interactive dashboard. Both overall trends and the trends broken down into every possible characteristic. Simply select the characteristic and the groups for which you want to see trends. And once you can discover trends, you can also zoom in on comments given, to see what is causing these trends. And trends can be shown for a large number of survey metrics and even multiple choice and multiple response questions.

By defining your survey results in Ignity you can discover trends for every survey question and every subset of data.

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