Survey visualization

An interactive dashboard to visualize survey results

Survey results can hold valuable information about attitudes of customers or employees. To use the information of a survey to the fullest extent it is helpful to visualize the results. Visualization is an excellent to make people truly understand the outcomes.

And if you do it well, you should a survey visualization interactive, so people can ‘slice and dice’ the results and see what differences are between different groups. And don’t forget open feedback! Many surveys give respondents opportunities to use open text to explain their views. An ideal survey visualization will make these comments accessible so you can explore the story behind the figures.

Ignity trend view
Ignity trend view: see trends for all characteristics

Ignity is specifically designed to visualize survey results. Setting up a survey visualization is easy. Basically you create a dashboard and specify how the survey feedback needs to be calculated into figures (or as we call them metrics), and what open answers belong . Next to this you specify the characteristics (for example: country, gender, customer group).

Once you performed these simple steps, you are in business! In the dashboard you look at at the survey from different angles: an overview of all metrics, b) breakdown metrics by characteristics c) see metrics on a world map and d) see the trends over time. You can look at subsections of the data and look at individual survey results. With a limited effort you can visualize survey results and make them interactive.

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