Upload data

Upload data

This step only has to be done when you opted to create result tables in your dedicated Ignity cloud database (‘new source’).

Your dedicated cloud database is hosted on Amazon Aurora as a MySQL compatible database. This means you can connect to your database tables with any MySQL client capable of importing data.

You can find your database information in the Ignity backend in the left hand navigation menu.

  • Go to : Access Control >> Database information
  • All relevant info is displayed in the right part of the screen
  • The password can be retrieved by email. If you click the button ‘Retrieve password), an email link is sent. With this link you can the retrieve the password. The generated link is only valid once.
Database information
All information on your decicated cloud database in one overview

You can find the relevant table information to upload the data to in the dashboard itself. In the tab you can find the buttons ‘View data structure’ and ‘Download template’ to see the table information or download this information in an excel file.